Top Best Foods For Children

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Toddlers can be picky with food so you may have a hard time ensuring that they get enough nutrients from a balanced diet. Incorporate these foods into your child’s diet so she can get all the nutrients needed for a growing child:


Milk is ideal for kids as it contains vitamin D, calcium and protein. Every child should drink 2 to 4 glasses of milk daily. Low-fat milk is ideal for kids over the age of two if they don’t take other high calcium foods.


Kids who don’t like milk should eat yogurt. It is an excellent source of calcium as well. Note that some brands of yogurt don’t contain probiotics and this is the main nutritional benefit of yogurt.

When picking yogurt for children, go for one that has live active cultures. Low fat is also ideal without added sugar. Also, search for one with probiotics.


Apples are juicy and sweet. They also contain vitamin C with low calories. It is far better to take apples in their raw form because they lose their nutritional benefits after they are processed.

You can make it look more enticing by slicing up the apple and serving it to the child. Also, you can juice the apple as well if your child doesn’t like chewing it whole.


Eggs provide protein and iron as well as minerals and vitamins. Your child can eat eggs daily without worrying about high cholesterol content.