Ideas for Creative, Healthy School Lunches

Photo by Asnim Asnim on Unsplash

As parents, we know the feeling – our children complain about the “boring” lunches we pack. There is more to a school lunch than the traditional sandwich. Here are some innovative ideas:

Make your own “pizza”

Make up small containers of crackers, pizza sauce, cheese, pepperoni, grapes, and almonds. Put the containers in the lunch box and let your child ‘make their own lunch.’

Pinwheel sandwiches

A visual variation on the good old sandwich, a pinwheel sandwich is rolled and sliced to create an effective new look.

Pizza kebab

Take regular pizza ingredients such as cocktail tomatoes, pieces of peppers, slices of pepperoni, blocks of mozzarella cheese, and olives. Put them together on a kebab stick.

Sandwich kebabs

Make a PB&J sandwich as usual and cut it into small squares. Have some fruit such as strawberries as well.  Put the small sandwich squares and fruit onto a kebab stick.

Try the bento box

Originally from Japan, the bento box offers single portion compartments in the container. Fill the compartments with leftovers, fruit, or nuts to create a personalized buffet.

Sandwich Fillings

If you stick to sandwiches, try original fillings you can search for online.