How to keep your child cyber safe

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In this age of smartphones and tablets, we parents have legitimate concerns about the potential dangers of internet use for our children. We certainly don’t want our child to become a victim of cyberbullying or of some dangerous, predatory character.

So how do we keep our children safe? Here are some basic steps you can take to keep your child safer:

Communicate & set down the rules

Talk to your children about the dangers of the internet, and about appropriate behavior. Tell them you will be monitoring their internet and cell phone activity at all times for their protection.

Ban computers from the bedroom

Any device that has internet access belongs in the family communal space to allow close monitoring of what your child is doing online.

Install a monitoring program

There are lots of monitoring programs available to which you can subscribe to block certain kinds of websites, and record all device history. Some programs will alert you to suspicious activity, and some even allow you to see what your child is doing online in real time.

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Friend them

Insist that your child allows you to ‘Friend’ them on social media, and make sure you know all their passwords.