Newborn worries that are actually not too serious!

Photo by Tim Bish on Unsplash

When you have a newborn in your home, there are millions of things to be concerned about. Amongst a plethora of concerns, there are some that cause extra stress and are not worth straining on. Here are few things that need not be included in the list of stressful concerns about the newborn baby:

Touching the soft spot on baby’s head:

Despite being cautious it is not mandatory to not to touch the soft areas on the baby’s head.

Blood in the diaper:

In female babies, it is common to see a little amount of blood as uterus shed it in the first week of the mini period.

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Hollow in baby’s chest:

This is basically the breastbone angling backward, not a hollow part. Hence there’s nothing to be worried about.


Constant hiccupping might seem harmful but are normal and harmless.


Crying is the only way through which babies communicate during the first few months. Though you should tend to the problem as soon as observing your baby cry, it is not a stressful concern.