3 Important Reasons why you Should Read to your Little One Each night

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Your little ones would always eagerly wait for that story you would read to them right before bedtime. In fact, reading is not only good for the child but the parent as well. Here are some good reasons why you should read to your child before they drift off to slumberland:

It makes the relationship between parent and child stronger

After each day’s busy schedule, parent and child will have a chance for a one-on-one bonding. At their younger ages, the enthusiasm of children for stories makes them excitable and a parent is the best person who can draw this out of them.

Enhance vocabulary and imagination

Reading stories can expose the child to language and consequently, they will increase their vocabulary. When new words are encountered, take time to explain the word’s meaning.

Children’s bedtime stories usually deal with fantasy and this could give the child a chance to interpret the story in their own words or thoughts. In other words, their imagination can grow. Their concentration is amazing as they listen to each detail.

Tonight’s bedtime story was “Carlo Likes Counting.” It has colorful illustrations with lots of opportunities to count, practice colors, and name objects. The characters are a giraffe named Carlo and his curious sidekick Crackers the cat. • The “Carlo Likes Colors” book was one of Little Man’s favorite books when he was placed with us. I don’t even remember where we got it, but he loved it. I found this plush giraffe at Kohls (one of Nancy Tillman’s wonderful characters), and he instantly became Carlo. He’s been part of bedtime every night since. • Check it out here: Carlo Likes Counting https://www.amazon.com/dp/0763617741/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_wS3aBbYFJ27E1 • #billyreads #bedtimestories #carlothegiraffe #nancytillman #nancytillmangiraffe #fostercare #adoption #fostercaretoadoption #carlolikescounting #jessicaspanyol

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Children can learn morals from the stories

Bedtime stories usually have happy endings and a moral that goes with it. It’s always the triumph of good against evil or right over wrong. Be sure to teach your child the story’s moral and gently explain it to the child’s level. Make it simple and understandable.