This is How You Become Different After Having a Kid

Photo by Juliane Liebermann on Unsplash

Having kids inevitably changes our lives. It takes time to realize how much you’re connected with your child and what it really means when you’re someone’s parent.

You come alive when it’s alive

You’ll somehow love everything your kid loves and you’ll accept his decisions and greatly expand your perspective on things.

You’ll realize that tenderness is a strength

Tough-guy examples will not be so convincing after you realize how much inner strength it requires to be tender to your kid and dedicate yourself to it.

Everything’s an adventure

Every day is a new story and you’ll get in touch with your inner kid as you explore the world again with your child. So, many details will become exciting and the world will change for better when you’re with your kid.

You are the protector

In every adventure, you’ll be your child’s guide and companion. You are there to make everything safe for him, but also exciting.

Love is the answer

No matter how much your kid has fun running around and conquering the world, the best feeling is during the night time, when it’s ready for big hugs.