Should You Wear High Heels During Pregnancy

Photo by Victoriano Izquierdo on Unsplash

Is it safe for you and your baby if you wear heels during pregnancy? Many expectant mothers wonder if it is safe, especially if they are used to putting on heels regularly. Heels should be placed on hold during this period because it could cause some discomfort and is risky. Here are some other reasons why you should not wear heels during pregnancy:

Back pain

Heels alter your posture and bend your pelvic muscles forward, and this can make your back appear rounder. This posture is not comfortable and can hurt your back during pregnancy.


Wearing heels for long could cause muscle cramps since the calf muscles are suspended in a contracted position. This pain can be worse during pregnancy.

Swollen feet

Edema or swollen feet is common during pregnancy. Wearing heels with this condition can be uncomfortable.

Lack of balance

Your ankle strength reduces because of hormonal changes and extra weight. You may fall easily without this balance.

Stretched muscles

Ligaments in the calf and ankle loosen like the abdomen and back due to hormones induced by pregnancy.

If you still choose to wear heels, be careful while wearing them. It is safer to keep the heels until your little one comes.