Signs that your Baby can Now have Solid Food

Photo by Jelleke Vanooteghem on Unsplash

As we all know, newborns should be kept on a milk diet for the first six months. After six months, the baby’s metabolism is well developed for ingesting sold food. However, it is hard to observe signs for these. Here are some tips to help parents know that their little sweetheart is now ready to have solid food:


If your baby can sit right up without support than it is almost ready to eat sold food.

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The tongue-reflex

If your baby is trying to push out the solid food out of the mouth, it is not ready.

A desire to chew

When not eating, if you notice that your baby is chewing or doing a sucking action, it is ready to have solid food.

Baby is trying to grab and have food

If during meals, your baby shows an urge to grab food and put in the mouth, it is probably telling you that it is ready for solid food.