Does Your Toddler Need Naps?

Photo by Alexander Dummer on Unsplash

As babies grow, they prefer not to sleep so much and may need some help to take naps during the day. You can help them during this transition.

Kids are different but most kids under 2 years of age need at least 3 hours of sleep during the day. It should be split evenly between a nap in the morning and one after lunch. Some older kids can have a longer afternoon nap.

Why toddlers need to nap

Toddlers need at least 14 hours of sleep per day, and some kids can’t get this in a night’s sleep. This is why napes come in handy. When they don’t sleep during the day, they may become cranky and frustrated.

Toddlers can resist naptime when they are tired or exhausted from not sleeping. This crankiness makes them fight all urges to sleep. They may also not want to sleep for fear of missing out. They don’t want to miss out on running, climbing, and exploring.

In rare cases, separation anxiety can make kids want to stay awake during the day. Spending time with them can help allay their fears.

How to help a toddler to nap during the day

Put the baby down when it’s tired, but not too tired. Also, try to take note of when the child is slowing down. Try to take her to get a nap.