Teach Young Children to Wait their Turn

Photo by Chris Benson on Unsplash

As infants, our every need is seen to, so it’s not surprising that when they get older, children find it difficult to wait and be patient. But learning patience is one of the most important lessons a child can learn. As children, we have to wait our turn to play with a toy, or for dinner time. But learning to wait can also save a child’s life. Learning to wait to cross the road safely is a hugely important lesson. So how do you teach a young child to wait? Read on for some ideas …

Be consistent

Always be precise and consistent about what you expect while the child waits. When waiting to cross a road, tell the child to stand away from the edge, look both ways twice before crossing, or look for the road crossing sign.

Make it a game

When your child has to wait, engage with them in a way that makes waiting for a game.

Reward the wait

Don’t bribe the child for waiting or they’ll always expect a reward for ordinary behavior. Rather make what comes after the wait a reward in itself, such as play-time.