How to Balance Work and Pregnancy

Photo by Marcelo Matarazzo on Unsplash

Working while pregnant is very difficult because pregnancy comes with its own symptoms. You have to deal with morning sickness, malaise, and stress. It is worse for women who have other children. How can you function properly at work while pregnant?

Inform your boss and coworkers

When your boss, as well as coworkers, know about your pregnancy, working will be less challenging. Whenever you can’t perform as you would normally because of the pregnancy, your boss and coworkers will understand the reason why. They won’t assume that you are lazy.

Don’t hide how you feel

Be honest with yourself, as it will help you to determine when you’re not performing well. This way, you can tell your coworkers and boss when you’re not feeling well, to give them a heads up.

Plan for bad days and good days

As an expectant working mother, you should expect to have bad days and good days. Some days, you will be lively, full of excitement and energy while other days, you’ll feel like a sack of potatoes. You may also have morning sickness and not want to move around so much.

Be safety conscious

For people who work outdoors or in extreme weather conditions, it can be dangerous for the baby. Ask your boss for a different department that offers safer working conditions.