Tips for first 30 days of your newborn

Photo by Picsea on Unsplash

There’s nothing compared to the feel of liveliness you get with a newborn at home. You might observe your little one sleep better; go longer between feedings and becoming more alert day by day. Though you might feel everything is normal, there are few tips to be considered for the first 30 days of your newborn:

Get help before hand: it is advised to seek great feeding advice in the first 30 days. Moms who talk with friends and attend meetings about breast feeding tend to have healthy feeding routine

Prepare for giving attention: when your baby is hungry, you have to leave everything and feed him with care. This means that you have to be prepared to understand the urgency of feeding in the first month.

Have tools for breasts: if you feel that your breasts are engorged or have blocked ducts, you should have tools like warming pad or a flax pillow ready at disposal. You should also have a cold pack for sore breasts.

Learn the key to calm your little one: even after your hard work, your baby might need a soothing session to stay calm. Shush and swing him like a good mother!