Books you should read when you are expecting

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These are the pieces of advice a mother often come across when she is expecting. While most of them are indubitable, reading more during pregnancy makes sense as it not only delivers peace of mind but also adds to the information that might come handy in the later phase of parenting.

Below are some of the book genres you should be reading during the unforgettable 9 months of your life:

Books about births

Birth books give you the big picture allowing you to realize how a woman’s body is set up to deliver new birth and continue life.

Books about breastfeeding

Giving birth are only one part of life. After it comes breastfeeding and nurturing the little one. Hence it is best to be prepared and what best way to do it other than reading during pregnancy.

Medical books

These will explain the ins and outs of the entire birthing procedure. Though the theme is somewhat medical, it is always interesting to know the theoretical aspect of giving birth.