Tips for a Safe Bath

Photo by Lubomirkin on Unsplash

Newborns come with a lot of love, and responsibilities. The delicate little creatures require the utmost care. Here are some tips to follow to give a safe bath to your baby:

Never leave your newborn or toddler unattended for a minute even:

A newborn or toddler can drown in even an inch of water and can slip easily. Make sure you give 100% attention while bathing the baby.

Make your that the temperature in the bathroom is warm enough:

Babies are prone to get cold easily so you must make sure they don’t get hit by cool breezes right after the bath.

Don’t put the baby in the tub without checking water temperature:

A little warm or cold for us can be too warm or too cold for a baby. The skin of a baby is very sensitive so make sure to check the water temperature before putting the baby in it.

Avoid bubble bath:

You should avoid bubble bath as it can infect the urinary tract of the baby and can also cause more chances of baby slipping. Bath the baby slowly.

Make the bathtub safe:

Making use of rubber bath mats will avoid the chances of slipping, making your bathtub more secure.