Is it Safe to Eat Onions During Pregnancy

Onion forms a big part of the recipes all over the world. It enhances taste as well as the value of the meal. During pregnancy, you can eat onion. However, just like with every other thing, taking too much of it is not ideal. It is generally safe for consumption for pregnant women.

Here are some benefits of onion:


The body should not contain heavy metal because it is harmful to both mother and baby. Onions have methionine and cysteine that help detoxify the body.

 Boosts Immunity

Onions contain vitamin c, and this antioxidant property helps boost immunity. It also helps the baby grow safely until it is time to be born.

Stops constipation

Onions are also rich in dietary fiber and can help regulate bowel movement. Sufferers of constipation while expecting can eat raw onion to alleviate the effects of constipation.

Blood pressure regulation

Onions contain phytonutrients that regulate blood pressure. Using an onion to cook helps keep certain pregnancy-related complications such as gestational hypertension and preeclampsia.

Fights off gestational diabetes

It also contains chromium, which helps prevent resistance of insulin and regulates blood sugar. While it is safe to eat onions during pregnancy, remember to do so in moderation as you satisfy your cravings.