Mind-blowing Hacks for Parenting Messy Kids

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If you’re a parent to messy kids, here are some ideas to make cleaning up that much easier, saving you time and money.

Fix jeans and save

Jeans can take a beating if they’re worn by kids. If you’re faced with torn jeans, it’s time to consult Pinterest. They have loads of easy tutorials on how to patch up jeans by sewing on pieces of fabric.

You not only save money on a new pair of jeans, but you end up with a unique pair of jeans that no-one else has.

Not the prettiest mend, but it’ll do. #patchwork #mending #sewing #kidsjeans #denim

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Prevention is better than cure

When kids eat ice pops, chances are they make quite a mess of everything with their sticky little hands going all over the place. You can end up with melted ice pop all over the furniture and your child.

Why not make a hole in the middle of a paper bowl and place the ice pop inside? That way the child’s hands stay clean, and so does everything else.

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Get organized

If your kids have their toys and accessories strewn all over the house, why not get them to help make a toy and accessory organizer using recycled materials?

Ini tutorial storage mainannya ya bu ibuk.. bahannya cuma kardus bekas, kain katun & toples kue bekas.. lemnya aku pake lem tembak mix sama lem Korea ( lem alteco ). Yuk cobain.. . 1. Potong kardus ukuran sesuaikan untuk 3 pcs toples kurang lebih panjang 24cm lebar 16 tinggi 8cm. 2.rakit & lem dengan lem tembak mix lem alteco. 3. Letakkan kotak diatas kain. 4. Potong sudut2nya sampai ke ujung sudut kotak. . 5. Lipat bagian panjang ke dalam kotak. Lem dengan lem tembak dibagian dalamnya. 6. Lakukan hal yg sam untuk sisi panjang satunya. 7. Lipat segitiga siku seperti pict No. 7 8. Lakukan hal yg sama untuk segitiga sebelah kanan. 9. Potong ujung kelebihan segitiga bagian ujungnya. 10. Lipat kedalam kotak. Lem dengan lem tembak. 11. Buat alas dan Lapisi dengan kain. 12. Masukkan alas ke dalam kotak. . 13. Buat pegangan tutup toples dari mainan anak (hewan2) lem bagian bawahnya dengan 3M. 14. Rekatkan ke tutup toples untuk memudahkan anak untuk membuka & menutup. 15. 16. Storage siap digunakan. . 😍 . . . . . #kardusbekas #temankreatif #kotakorganizer #cardboardbox #uploaddiy #diyproject #cardboard #diy #diykardusbekas #inspirasidiy #diytutorial #idekreatif #bebikinan #tutorialcraft #homesweethome #homedecor #kreatif_ide #kotakmainan #organizer #toplesbekas #topleskue #toysorganizer #toysstorage #storage #storagebox

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