Food You May Want to Avoid While Breastfeeding

Photo by Dave Clubb on Unsplash

Pregnancy comes with cravings that you may not be able to control. After the baby comes, this may change, and you can eat whatever you like. But first, you need to consider what effects the food can have on your little one. Here are some foods to avoid:


Coffee has caffeine, and this ends up in your breastmilk. It is a problem because babies can’t excrete caffeine. When this element accumulates in their little bodies, it causes sleeplessness, irritation, and crankiness.


Chocolate has theobromine, and this has a similar effect to caffeine. It can also cause crankiness in the baby. You may not need to let go of chocolates entirely. Simply observe the behaviour of the baby to determine if the theobromine is too much.

Citrus fruits

These fruits are rich in vitamin C, but they are acidic and can irritate the baby’s tummy. It can also cause diaper rash, spitting and fussiness.


Broccoli can cause gas for babies. Other gassy foods include cauliflower, onion, cucumber and cabbage.

 High-mercury fish

If you eat fish that is high in mercury, it will appear in your breast milk. This can have a negative effect on the neurological development of the baby. Canned food should be taken in moderation.


This substance also passes to the baby from the breast milk and affects the development of the baby.