Is it safe to continue low carb diets during pregnancy?

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Low carb diet is very popular when it comes to our fitness regime and losing weight. But the problem arises when you are pregnant. Is it safe to continue with low carb diet? The answer is usually yes. However, one should not be dependent on low carbs during pregnancy. It is, after all, a stage when you require more strength, not the urge of losing weight.

Low carb is safe during pregnancy if you are consuming healthy carbs in order to match your nutritional needs. Some foods that are extremely low-carb are not safe during this period. Without sufficient amount of carbohydrates in our body, your body starts producing ketones. These can put your infant at a risk of brain damage. Such is the severity of carb shortage that one should never rely on diets that contain no carbohydrates.

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If you still persist on the habit of having low-carb diets, it is best to consult doctors. They can suggest good and modified low-carb diets.

In a nutshell, if you are cutting sugars and processed foods out of your diet, it is ok. But if you are eating only pork or bacon all day, you need to add some potatoes for getting carbs.