Childproofing Tips You Should Know

Photo by Timo Stern on Unsplash

To keep your home safe for your kids, you must childproof it to prevent accidents. Kids are curious and are prone to injuries when they play unhindered. You can preempt such accidents by following these tips:

Secure the doors with doorknob covers

The first step to take while childproofing is to ensure that kids can leave the house or enter unsafe areas such as the kitchen.

These covers make it difficult for toddlers to turn and open the doors. Place them on all doors leading outside, bathroom doors and kitchen doors. You can also choose to place them on your closet doors and other doors with unsafe rooms.

Cabinet Locks

In most homes, cabinets hold unsafe products such as medicines and knives. You wouldn’t want your little one to get a hold of such items. Secure your cabinets with an interior latch that can be screwed into the cabinets.

Stove Guard

Stoves can be a hazard to kids, and they can be burned or hurt. You can use a stove guard to prevent this from happening. When cooking, you should turn handles away from the front of the stove.

Plastic guards

Plastic guards also come in handy to keep kids away from the electronics in the house such as the VCR, TV, or DVD player.

Stair gates with extensions

Your stairs should be secured to prevent falls in the home. Use swing stair gates at the bottom and top of all staircases in the home.