How to Protect Your Toddler From the Flu

Photo by Chinh Le Duc on Unsplash

Wintertime is here, and it comes with holiday cheer and snow forts. But this is not all; it also comes with cold and flu. Here are some simple tips to keep your kids safe from winter maladies:

Wash hands

Before eating, wash potential flu germs off. Always wash the child’s hands after eating, sneezing, throwing out tissue. Teach the child to scrub in soapy water for about twenty seconds to wash off the germs that cause the flu.

Vaccinate your child

A squirt in the nose or injection in the arm may prevent the flu. Taking medicine for the flu shortens the duration of the symptoms for one day. You cannot vaccinate a child against the common cold virus, but the colds only cause inconvenience. It can be managed.

Don’t allow kids to share cups

Make it a habit in your home. It is the easiest way to pass the flu. Teach your toddler to avoid sharing cups or eating from the same popcorn bowl. It reduces the risk of spreading the germs.

Cover your cough

Also, teach your kids to do the same thing. When you cough, do it in your arm, not your hands. This is only necessary if you don’t have a tissue on hand.

Don’t take the kids to crowded places

Stay away from areas that are breeding grounds for germs. Indoor playgrounds, bouncing castles, and ball pits. If you must visit such places, then ensure that they wash their hands from time to time.