Your kids will eat anything after this

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Recently, I went out to lunch with friends and their small son. I was amazed to see he ate absolutely anything put in front of him.

This intrigued me after having witnessed other small children who are a big struggle to feed. I ask my friends how they managed it, and this is the advice they gave.

Sitting down at the dinner table with the rest of the family is non-negotiable. And no-one can leave unless someone has finished their meal.

Let the child try different things.

He or she is likely to pull a funny face when tasting lots of things for the first time, but if you let your child taste your food and drink, they’ll be less curious about it and move on.

Make being at the dining table fun. Drop your phone and focus on the child, and have fun with your food.

This will encourage him or her to look forward to mealtimes and try everything that is offered.

Don’t force the child to eat. It makes for a very angry little person. If the child won’t eat something, put it to one side for a while and try offering it to them later.

I thought these things just dont happen ? 🥦 #kideatingbroccoli

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Offer properly-seasoned, tasty meals, and avoid the bland.

The humble yogurt bowl makes it to our breakfast table weekly — it’s perfect for those days I need a filling, nourishing meal in a flash ⚡️. We opt for organic, grass-fed whole milk yogurt and today it’s topped with: ✳️ strawberries ✳️ banana ✳️ frozen wild blueberries ✳️ rawnola* ✳️ bee pollen ✳️ spirulina powder Rawnola is a mixture of nuts, seeds, and dried fruit that’s been pulsed in a food processor until crumbly – it’s the grain-free, no-cook cousin of granola! . Spirulina helps get some 🌿green🌿 in an otherwise vegetable-less meal, so I sprinkle it overtop ✨. It makes the yogurt a fun color too! For more ways to 🆙 the veg&green intake in your fam’s meals, check out my takeover happening now over @kiddobloom! Don’t they just have the cutest, most functional kids’ utensils?! Be sure to show ‘em some love while you’re checking out my posts over on their feed 💚🐸💚! . . #grainfreeliving #rawnola #spirulina #breakfastbowl #yogurtbowl #eattherainbow🌈 #feedingmyfamily #realfoodfamily #cleaneatingforlife #momstuff #sahmlife #funwithfood #fussyeater #feedingkids #superhealthykids #balancedmeals #foods4thought #bowlfood #eatwellfeelwell #igtakeover

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And always remember to lead by example.