Improve Your Kids Spelling Performance

Photo by Nicole Honeywill on Unsplash

For young kids, spelling can be a challenge. Though the words are easy, kids will need to go through words over and over. This will beef up their confidence and performance in class. Here are tips on how to help your child:

Use a different pattern

If you tell your child to sit and memorize the different vocabulary in his spelling list, he might find it boring. The spelling test is an avenue to help your kid acquire a good grade. It also will help him learn healthy studying habits. Kids feel really good when they get good grades, and this beefs up their confidence.

Start on time

When your child returns with the spelling list, you’ll need to access him. The reason is to identify words that prove difficult for him.

Having done that, more attention should be given to words that are proving difficult. However, you’ll need to mix them up with words he is good at, build his confidence.

Don’t wait until it’s late

Don’t leave the spelling training until the child has a spelling test. When you leave the studying until a day before the test, he might not have those words well memorized. This can sap his confidence, and may not produce the best result he should have gotten in his test.

Pay more attention to the trouble words

If you have discovered his trouble words, help him by making him repeat the letters of the spelling word. Have him write them out in a repeated form. For instance, if the word is “Please”, make him write on each line in this form “P, Pl, Ple, Plea, Pleas, and Please”.