4 Reasons Teens Should Volunteer

Photo by Perry Grone on Unsplash

Teenagers learn a lot when they volunteer. They get to render help to people who need it. During this process, they can also develop themselves. Here are 4 reasons why teens should volunteer:

Develop Physical and Mental Health

It boosts happiness and self-confidence. Volunteering has also be found to reduce mortality rates.

Social Networking Skills

Networking skills, as well as social skills, can be learned from volunteering. These crucial skills are important especially when the teen becomes an adult. It teaches teens to network and builds a long list of important contacts. Also, volunteer partners are in the best position to issue recommendation letters.

Experience the World

This activity allows teens to experience the world. Their eyes are open to new things. Volunteering in animal shelters, hospitals, schools and more can expose teens to new experiences. These experiences can help the teen to discover their passion.

Improves Resume

Volunteering makes resumes shine. The experience sets young adult apart from other applicants when it comes to school and job applications. Volunteer experience is a good indication that a teen is ambitious and that she cares about the community. It also shows that she is willing to work to change her environment. These are excellent qualities that admissions officers and recruiters look out for in applicants.