How to Prepare Your Kid for Camping

Photo by Scott Goodwill on Unsplash

Camp environment is entirely different from the home environment. Many kids don’t usually like the idea of having to leave their parents. It is an entirely new environment for them, where they will get to see new faces.

These tips should help prepare your child for camping:

Plan a sleepover

Majority of kids are used to having their parents around them always. One of the ways you can prepare your kid for such activity is by planning a sleepover. You can do this by making him/her pass some nights outside the home they’re used to.


It is necessary to have a list of things your kid will need for camping. This helps make life comfortable for her while she is there. Aside from buying the basic needs, you also want your child to feel happy during camping. So, you should buy their favorites like candy, chocolate, and peanuts.

Make a To-do list

You can help your camper by helping them write out a few goals you would like them to achieve during camping. For instance, the goal could be for the child to make at least one friend at camp. They should be listed out and given to take along to camp. Make your camper write a letter to you, to give you updates on the goals achieved.