These Tips Will Help Teens Drive in the Snow

Photo by Art Markiv on Unsplash

When teens finally pass their driving test, they can’t wait to get their licenses and be free at last. This is perfectly normal, but parents can teach them some tips to help them drive safely during the winter season.

Some tips include:

Reduce speed

Car tires do not have adequate traction on snow. This is why you should reduce speed. Also, you should be smooth with your pedal and steering inputs. Drive carefully.

Do one thing at a time

Don’t brake and turn simultaneously. This puts too much pressure on one tire. It could lose traction. Rather, brake, turn and accelerate. Keep your eyes on the target at all times.

Some other tips for driving in the snow include:

  • Keep a scraper with a brush in the car
  • Make sure the windshield washers function well.
  • Check that the wiper fluid is filled up
  • On slippery surfaces, brake gently. Use light pressure while accelerating
  • Before digging your car out of snow, make sure the exhaust tailpipe is clear from snow. If it is blocked, you could be at risk of inhaling carbon monoxide.
  • Test the brakes when starting out in bad weather to see how it can take before the car stops.
  • If you drive a white car, turn on your lights during a snowstorm. This prevents your car from being camouflaged from other drivers.