About to Give Birth? Don’t Leave These 3 Items Out of your Hospital Bag

Photo by Ashton Mullins on Unsplash

Giving birth in a hospital is safe and all, but ask any mom and they’ll tell you a hospital stay gets uncomfortable pretty fast. Luckily, there are items you can carry to the hospital to ease you stay as you welcome your baby.

Comfortable footwear

If you’re healthy enough to walk after the birth, you’ll find that you need your own shoes or slippers to walk around because most hospitals don’t offer any. The room floors get dirty quickly with all those people moving in and out so you have no option.

Quick snacks

Hospital meals are offered during set hours, but they aren’t always conducive for breastfeeding moms. It’s smart to pack some snacks along in your hospital bag for those hours between meal time unless you’re ready to face the hunger.

Your own pads

Hospitals offer you pads after the birth alright, but they are large, heavy and quite frankly, uncomfortable. You’ll want to carry your own pads from home, the type you’re comfortable with.

Reading materials

There will be a TV in your hospital room but not much to watch, especially in the wee hours of the night when you find yourself unable to sleep because of the baby. All the more reason to pack those magazines and novels.