Baby massaging tips

Image via Pexels

A soulful smile, a tight grip of small fingers on your thumb, a sweet cuddle of tiny arms and a voice that stirs satisfaction in the heart-these elements are common for a parent with a newborn in his or her home.

As a parent, it becomes imperative to care for the newborn in an immaculate way. This also involves massaging his body so that the overall bone structure becomes strong and rigid when he grows. While some parents devise their own way of doing things, others look for expert tips to massage the baby the perfect way.

Given below is a helpful technique through which you can massage your baby in a safer and effective way:

The foremost thing to do is to lay your baby on his stomach and make him stay there comfortably. Make sure that his head is turned to one side. Start massaging from his forehead towards the nape of the baby’s neck. Continue massaging each stroke from the center to the arm, each side at a time. While avoiding the spine, give soft massaging strokes from his neck towards his hips and then down the baby’s legs. Repeat the same method by laying the baby on his back.