3 Bedtime Rituals That Help Your Kid Fall Asleep

Photo by Sadık Kuzu on Unsplash

Pre-bed hours can be stressful both for the kid and the parents, but with these bedtime rituals, it can get more relaxing. There’s no kid who naturally likes to go to sleep, but if you make the whole sleeping thing more chilled, everything will become healthier and better.

Turn off all electronic

All the electronic devices stimulate your kid’s attention and make it want to have with electronic things like TV, iPads, iPods etc. This can make it really hard for you to get your kid to bed as it won’t be willing to stop playing with the electronics.

Have true connect time

Sitting side by side watching TV is not a kind of connect time that we have on mind. Try quietly playing with blocks or stuffed animals on the floor together. You may also invent stories and exchange ideas.

Practice saying goodnight

Kids find it soothing to know that for everything and everyone around them is also a bedtime. Say goodnight to various things in their room and after that say goodnight to your kid as well.