Transitioning your Toddler From the Crib to the Bedroom

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

Moving to the big bed from the crib is a big deal for most kids. It can be stressful sometimes. You can make it smooth by following these tips:

Make it gradual

Don’t rush the process. Make the transition a gradual process by easing the little one into the new space. Spend time playing with him in the new space so he can feel more comfortable.

Talk about it often

Talking about the “big kid” room often will help the baby look forward to moving. Only focus on the positive aspects of staying in a new room and bed. You can tell him that he’ll have more space to play with his toys.

Take favorite items to the room

Start taking some of the baby’s favorite items to the new bedroom. Items like toys and stuffed animals can be taken to the room. Arrange to play with the toys with the baby every evening before bedtime. You can also read a bedtime story.

Let kid participate in decorating

Let the toddler help with decorating his new space because it gives him a sense of control and makes the place more comfortable for him. Some ideas include asking the child what color to paint the room.

Throw a small party

Such changes call for a celebration. Throw a small party to commemorate the switch. This helps build excitement about the process.