Tips For Eating Out With Your Baby

Photo by Glenn Tan on Unsplash

Going out to eat with your toddler can be stressful, especially if the child still needs to be fed. You may also need a high chair to make the process easier. All these factors can take the fun out of eating with your toddler. Here are some tips to make it smooth:


Before going to eat, research on child-friendly restaurants. It should be lively and casual with more families present.


Some restaurants offer high chairs for kids, but they may be coated in grime. It would help if you did not have to worry about germs on the chair while you eat. Bring baby wipes to clean your toddler’s face and hands. It can also be used to clean trays, high chairs, and tables.


Children are naturally messy eaters, so you need to bring a bib. Disposable bibs are ideal and can be stored in a plastic bag after use. Take a bowl and baby spoon to prevent accidents in case the restaurant uses chinaware.

Toys and food

Your toddler may not eat food from the restaurant, so you need to take food with you. You can also feed her before leaving. For older kids, you can take some snacks and stuffed animals to pacify them.

Be ready for everything

Be prepared for a tantrum or fit when you are out dining. Bringing the child’s favorite toy can definitely help.