These 5 Foods Can Have a Negative Effect on your Child’s Mood

Photo by Carissa Gan on Unsplash

It’s a fact that the foods children eat can affect their mood and behaviors. So try to avoid giving these 5 foods to your little one since they can have a negative effect on your child’s mood:


It’s not a good idea to give dairy to your child if he suffers from allergies or lactose intolerance. If you do, then you might notice that your child is becoming cranky, aggressive or irritable.

Foods with artificial coloring

A lot of countries have already banned this controversial ingredient because it can have adverse effects on children. Artificial coloring causes some noticeable changes in behavior. It’s also linked to anxiety, headaches, hyperactivity, and even ADHD.


Many parents are already aware of how sugary foods affect children. Aside from affecting the mood, such foods can also cause sleep problems, depression, and cognitive delay.


There’s a number of preservatives out there which can cause behavioral changes and problems in kids. These include MSG, sodium benzoate, nitrites, and nitrates. These preservatives may also cause changes in mood, hyperactivity, and headaches.

Food Allergens

The most common food allergens are soy, nuts, corn, and dairy. Be cautious when feeding such foods to your child. If your little one has an intolerance or allergy to such food, it can cause mood, behavior, and health issues.