How to Make Bath Time Less Stressful

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

Few babies enjoy bathtime and most times, it gets stressful. But with the right planning, your baby can begin to enjoy bathtime. These tips can help make bath time fun for you and your baby, and reduce stress drastically for you both.

Use toys

Babies are usually attracted to toys. Provide lots of toys, and load up the bathtub with them. This can help distract her while you bath her.


Some adults naturally enjoy singing while bathing. Why don’t you use this as a tool for entertaining your baby while bathing her? Singing helps to ease tension.

Get a tub seat

The tub seat reduces the stress involved in bathing, both for you and your baby. It allows the baby some freedom in the tub.

Playing and tickling

Unlike adults, who feel very relaxed while sinking into the tub, babies don’t feel same. You can employ tickling to help your baby loosen up and feel more relaxed.

Play music

Music has a way of providing relief. However, the type of music you play matters. Babies respond differently to music. Some babies respond better to music with upbeats, while some feel relaxed at the sound of smooth and slow tunes.

You can start the music when it’s time to bath your baby, to set her in the right mood. In fact, you may make it a routine, to play music before bath time. Soon, she’ll know whenever she hears the tune; it means it is time for her to be bathed. This does not only inform her of the next activity but also prepares her mind.