How to Keep Your Kids Safe in a Playground

Photo by Olivia Bauso on Unsplash

Here are tips that can help reduce injuries associated with the playground.

Active supervision

Whenever your kids are on the playground, you should keep your eyes on them. Kids enjoy trying out different equipment on the playground, and may not take the appropriate safety precaution. This is one of the major causes of mishaps on the playground. To keep them safe while they have their fun, you need to keep an eye on them to supervise their activities.

Appropriate outfit

Your kids should be dressed in outfits that are appropriate for the playground. Outfits which include necklaces, beads, scarves, or outfits that are oversized are not appropriate for such activity. Wrong clothing could be caught by the playground equipment and cause serious injuries.

Shock-absorbing surfaces

 The severity of injuries on the playground can also be determined by the surface of the playground. Playgrounds with sandy or stony surfaces can cause injuries sustained to be severe. Surfaces with wood chips can also cause severe injuries, while a concrete surface will cause more severe injuries. Playgrounds with shock-absorbing surfaces are better because they cushion the kids if they ever fall on them.

There are however some clear and basic rules which children should keep in mind each time they are on the playground. Some include:

  • Kids should keep away from broken equipment.
  • Kids should not try climbing the slides through its exit point.
  • Don’t stand on swinging equipment.
  • Never walk or stand too close to swinging equipment that is currently in use.
  • Kids should use both hands while climbing.
  • Avoid shoving or pushing while trying to get on any of the playground equipment.