How Kids Develop Good Handwriting Skills

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Handwriting skills may seem obsolete due to the use of tablets, computers, and smartphones, but it is a life skill. Handwriting helps kids to record their thoughts as well as their ideas in a clear way. Ideas flow better when handwriting is smooth.

How kids learn to write

Children combine language, motor skills, concentration, and memory to learn handwriting. They also need some practice to master it. It usually starts by drawing and scribbling to forming letters and then words.

Encourage your child to write by giving him opportunities to scribble, draw or write. This helps prepare the child for the handwriting they will learn at school. If you have a left-handed child, it is totally fine. You don’t need to force the child to change to the right.

Kids who write with left hands may have a hard time seeing their writing since the hand covers the page as it moves across. You can help such a child by tilting the page, so the left-hand corner becomes the highest. This way, the child will be able to see clearly.

Toddlers start with drawing and coloring. Help them develop these skills by providing them with paper, crayons and any other item that will make it fun. You can make it fun by joining him and drawing on your own paper.