Best Foods For An Expectant Mother

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

During pregnancy, some foods are not ideal because they do not provide any value for the baby and the mother. You can eat a wide range of foods, but some are necessary for the proper development of your baby. They include:


Calcium is essential during pregnancy and yogurt is a good source. It contains protein and folate to promote fetal development. It is also ideal for sufferers of morning sickness because it has good bacteria that ease an upset stomach.


Avocados are filled with folate for bone development and also contains good fats and potassium. It contains vitamin B6 and C, which supports fetal tissue growth. They are also quite delicious and versatile.


Nuts are filled with minerals such as zinc, copper, and potassium, as well as protein. They are easy to find in grocery stores. Just stock up on cashew or almonds.


Water isn’t food but is crucial during pregnancy. You need to stay hydrated and drink more than eight glasses each day. Water helps flush out toxins in your body, ease an upset stomach and constipation. It also helps keep you full and away from junk food.

Whole grains

Oats, popcorn and quinoa, are excellent sources of fiber, iron and B vitamins. It also helps ease nausea and provide energy.  You’ll need an extra boost during pregnancy and caffeine is not recommended, so carbs will recover what you have lost.