Top Brain Boosting Snacks for Kids

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Most times, we experience a crash in energy in the afternoons. This doesn’t apply to adults alone, but kids as well. Kids may consume sugary snacks during the day, but the calories are empty and have no nutritional value. They need fuel for their brains to complete all tasks for the day. Here are some healthy snack options for kids:


Most kids don’t get enough water. Small sips during the day are not enough. Dehydration makes their brains sluggish. Lacking water is also translated as hunger, and this leads to overeating.

Make this healthy habit a part of your child’s life by encouraging them to take a glass of water before every meal. You can get a dedicated water bottle to encourage drinking or infuse fruits to add flavor to the water.

Greek Yogurt

Fat is essential to the brain because it helps the cell membranes to send and receive information and keeps them flexible. It provides a good amount of fat and protein to boost energy until dinnertime.

You can incorporate this snack by making smoothies for the child. Combine it with greens or fruits for better nutritional benefits. Sprinkle some chocolate chips as well to pump up the blood flow to the brain.


Most fruits are healthy snacks. They contain anti-oxidants and many other compounds that promote good health. Kids love fruits, so this should not be a problem to incorporate.