Tips for baby wipes: which and why?

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Amongst a catalog of several baby products, wipes are the ones that are used more often than others. Parents often have to deal with piles of baby wipes each day when catering to their newborn. Since wipes are constantly being contacted with the baby’s soft skin, it becomes important to mind the quality, the material, and ingredient used in these cleaning essentials for babies.

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A baby wipe with preservative is the best option for your baby’s safe cleaning routine. These avoids bacterial and mould growth. However, care should be taken to not use wipes with overflowing preservative amount as it might cause allergic reactions.

Several baby wipes contain alcohol in different forms. Though alcohol might produce effective cleaning properties, they are never safe for your baby’s skin. Using wipes with less alcohol content or alcohol in other forms like phenoxyethanol or benzyl are somewhat safe.

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Some manufacturers promote their wipes displaying the USP as fragrant wipes. However, baby wipes with fragrance do not make any difference to cleaning purpose. And since fragrance might be in the form of a chemical substance, it is advised to choose non-fragrant wipes.