Some tricks to put an end to picky eating

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Picky eating is almost always a problem with the little ones and parents at times have gone to extremes to remedy this habit. Here are some pointers that can help parents get around this problem:

Consider the child’s favorite foods when cooking and planning meals

It won’t be too difficult to feed the child if the food presented is agreeable to their taste. Plan the meals to their liking. If trying a new recipe, be sure to also have on hand, other offerings that have been tried-and-tested to their taste buds.

Ever since I started blogging about baby led weaning and toddler foods, mothers have come up to me with questions regarding their toddlers eating habits. . . . I took my time to write on this subject because like everyone else we too go through different issues around feeding. While baby led weaning has helped keep pickiness at bay, we faced other problems like distraction at mealtimes and dips in appetite. . . . Now that I am more confident in some of the strategies I use with my son, I think it’s the right time to share these tips and ideas with you all. . . . On the blog today a mothers experience and tips on common toddler feeding problems. . . . Leave me a comment on the blog, let’s have a conversation as mothers and help our children move through these phases successfully. #toddleryears #pickyeating #pickyeaters #motherhood #toddlerfeeding #toddlerfeedingproblems #howto #bloggermom #tipsformoms

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Serve veggies when the time is right

We’ve seen how children hate veggies. We’ve all gone through this and we understand the child. Try veggies as a side dish. Trick them into it. Serve the veggies first, when your child is hungriest. If served well, the veggies should be gone by the time the next meal is served.

Always eat dinner with all family members present

Take note that kids who dine with their parents follow healthier diets. Dinner is always a family affair you should do together as often as possible. By the way, turn off the TV and no answering phones during dinner.

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Try tasting the food you are serving

Never serve food without trying it out first, especially when dealing with a new recipe. Parents now should know better. They will be the first to judge if the food is palatable and would appeal to the kids.