Preparing Your Child For First Hair-cut

Photo by CloudyPixel on Unsplash

Baby’s first haircut is weird and uncomfortable. You have to do it with care to avoid hurting them. Here are tips and guides that’ll help you when it is time to give your toddler its first haircut.

Bring a second outfit

In the course of trimming hair, your baby may refuse to wear the cape. This will make the hairs trimmed off to get onto the clothes. So, you would have to change the clothes to the second set you brought along.

Use toys

When coming to the salon, ensure to bring a toy they likes along with you. This toy will help occupy his hands while trimming his hair.

Come along with snacks

Whatever the baby is attracted to can be a useful tool, for occupying it during the barbing session. Some toddlers are attracted to snacks, so you should use this as an advantage here. Give them snacks, which will occupy their hands while getting the haircut. Don’t give the baby sticky things like lollipop to eat, so that everywhere doesn’t get messy.

Make it a pleasant experience

Your toddler’s experience at the first barbing salon is very important. It’s so important that it can determine his reaction when next he’s due for his haircut. Try to make the experience as pleasant as possible for him. If his experience turns out to be unpleasant, he may resist you the next time you want to take him there.