Preparing For a Natural Birth: What You Should Know

Photo by William Stitt on Unsplash

If you plan to have a natural birth, you should get ready for it. You need to plan the place of delivery, as well as pain management techniques. This helps smoothen the process so you can have a pleasant birth.

Finding the right healthcare provider

You need to find a good healthcare provider that align with your choice. It is better to pick a doctor you relate well with and one who respects your wishes. No matter what happens, your doctor has to respect your labor preferences.

Picking the birthplace

This is another crucial decision. If you prefer giving birth at home, then you should plan towards it. Before making the decision, talk to your doctor to know the risks involved.

Some complications include:

  • A c-section
  • Labor induction
  • A blood transfusion
  • Vacuum extraction or forceps
  • Treatment for vaginal tears or laceration

Research on unconventional pain relief methods

Some methods include relaxation techniques, focused breathing techniques, hypnosis, walking and massage or touch therapy. In your third trimester, you can speak to your doctor about which of these methods you prefer.

Make a birth plan

This helps you detail all the events to keep all parties on the same page. List out all your pain preferences, requests and more in the plan.

Stay fit

You need a lot of stamina to have a baby, so try to keep fit. Ask your healthcare provider about the best exercises for you.