Keeping Your Baby Safe in a Car Seat

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

Car seats are essential to keep your baby fastened to the seat. However, some steps must be taken to ensure that this device is safe for kids.  Here are some safety tips to remember:


Dress your baby comfortably since the harness strap will go between its legs. This clothing should allow the strap to pass through comfortably.

Place the car seat at a 45º angle

You baby may slide out of the straps if the car seat is too flat. If it is too upright, the baby’s head may go forward too much and disrupt his breathing. Use the indicators or adjustors on rear-facing seats to ensure that it is properly placed.

Ensure that the baby’s head is secure

After setting the seat at the right angle, you still need to check the baby’s position to ensure that the head is not flopping around. Some seats come with inserts to cushion the baby’s head or pads. Don’t use makeshift pads for this purpose as it could be unsafe for the baby.

If the baby slouches, use rolled up blankets

Lots of newborns slouch. Place a blanket or a rolled up hand towel on each side of the shoulder if this happens. Ensure that you only use pads that came with the car seat.