How to Deal With A Kid who’s a Picky Eater

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When your kid refuses to eat some food day after day, then he’s probably a picky eater. But that’s not a scary thing because children still have to figure out how to eat and what to eat.

It’s funny how a baby can refuse to eat some vegetables, but will easily put some dirt in its mouth. We need to be really patient and persistent while dealing with our child’s picky eating habits.

Here’s how to deal with your kid’s eating problem. There are a few possible ways to do it:

Try the same flavor at least 15 times

This may sound like a really boring thing to do, but you are doing it in your child’s greatest interest. Each try can result in a small taste and experience and that will build your baby’s taste buds.

Maybe your child isn’t hungry

This one speaks for itself. Your child might refuse food because it doesn’t feel hunger.

Mix the flavors your kid likes

This can help build their flavor profiles and they will get used to the taste. You can easily trick your child to eat beans if you mix them with its’ favorite food.

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Tastebud training

Your child is a picky eater because of the gradual development of its taste buds. You should have that in mind and keep being persistent.