Healthy Breakfast Ideas For Your Fussy Toddler

Photo by Alexander Mils on Unsplash

Toddlers have funny habits especially when it comes to food. They are quite difficult to satisfy and often fixate on a type of food for weeks and hate it later. The circle continues for months. If you need some ideas for your fussy toddler, you have come to the right place.


This interesting breakfast will surely pique your child’s interest. Make a yogurt or milk based smoothie with some sprinkles on the top and give the child for breakfast.

French toast

You can also make a French toast and slice it into smaller sticks served with some syrup. This is one irresistible snack for little children.

Banana pancakes

You can also make pancakes with batter and add some fresh banana slices to make it healthier. Dip the pancakes into the batter and cook like normal pancakes; they can eat it with syrup on the side or honey. This is only recommended for a child who is more than one year.

Strawberry yogurt parfaits

This breakfast looks like a dessert, and this makes it more appetizing. Your child will eat it up without hesitation. Layer in some low-fat vanilla yogurt and top it off with strawberries and granola. You can repeat the process until it is filled up. Sprinkle some maple syrup to give it a distinctive taste.