Dental Care Tips for Babies

Healthy teeth are important for your baby’s overall health, as unhealthy teeth could cause germs and diseases for the baby. This article contains some easy tips to care for your baby’s teeth.

Teeth development in babies

The majority of children are born toothless, except a few with 1-2 teeth. Children’s teeth begin to appear at different times, but for most babies, their teeth begin to appear between 6 – 10 months.


The gum opens up as soon as the teeth reaches its surface. Teething shouldn’t cause sickness, but if your baby shows any symptom of illness, you should consult a doctor.

Managing Teething Period

This period comes with some discomfort and difficulties for the baby, hence you will need a pacifier to reduce the discomfort experienced by the baby. You can help by cooking mushier foods, which require less chewing, allowing your baby to chew on clean wet face towel or chilled teething ring, and gently rubbing the baby’s gum with a clean finger.

Before teething

You need to start cleaning and caring for the baby’s gum before the arrival of the first tooth. Do this by cleaning her gum a number of times every day with a damp, clean face towel or a gauze.

During teething

  • Keep your baby in a position where its mouth can be seen.
  • Cup your baby’s chin in your hand, resting its head against your body.
  • Clean teeth at least twice a day.
  • Raise the lips to wash the front and back of the teeth, as well as the gum line.
  • After using the toothbrush, rinse it with water, keeping them upright in an open container to allow them air-dry.