5 Cheap School Lunch Ideas under $1

Photo by Bárbara Montavon on Unsplash

Turkey & Grape Protein Skewers

All you need is green grapes, sliced or cubed turkey and cubed cheese. It is easy to make in just a few minutes. To break the monotony you can do turkey one day and ham or roast beef the next day.

Cucumber Hummus Cups

This is Ideal for your vegetarian kids. To put together the meal, scoop some cucumber into tiny cups and add tasty hummus.  To spice it up, add some topping of strawberries and half apple.

Cavekid eggs

If you wish to increase your kids’ protein intake, then make them the cavekid eggs.  To prepare it, use hard-boiled eggs, add in some pepper, and half an apple Dip them in peanut butter. Make it sweeter by adding mixed berries.

Polka Dot Pizza Dippers

Here you need biscuits, a piece of pepperoni and pizza sauce. Top the biscuits with a small piece of the pepperoni and dip in the pizza sauce.

Tuna and Crackers

Get a small reusable tin, fill it with tuna salad and mix match it with your kids preferred veggies or fruits. The canned tuna is a great source of protein.